Ever ran into an ORA-19755 with RMAN?

Ever ran into an ORA-19755 with RMAN duplicate from target? When your source database uses block change tracking?

Try patch 11744544; it fixes the bug which could might cause block change tracking recreation fail in combination with OMF newnames.

A workaround would be to disable change tracking before duplicating.



Backup recovery area (FRA) without a tape device

Backup to disk

RMAN> run {
allocate channel d1 type disk format='/tmp/%U';
backup tablespace sysaux;

Backup to a fake tape

The fake tape library will call the MML APIs, essentially similar to an MML backup, but will place the file on disk (RMAN disksbt library emulates a SBT library). It cannot be used for production backups but can be used for verification purposes such as these:

RMAN> run {
allocate channel t1 type 'SBT' PARMS 'SBT_LIBRARY=oracle.disksbt,ENV=(BACKUP_DIR=/tmp)';
backup tablespace sysaux;

The fake tape backup comes in handy when one wants to backup the recovery area; the ‘backup recovery area’ command only works with SBT channels. FRA backup to disk does not work.

RMAN / archive backup without catalog database…

… can cause a nasty ORA-19571. Reason? You are using a control file as RMAN catalog and obviously more space is needed than available..

sql> alter system set control_file_record_keep_time=14 scope=both;

More info: Oracle’s Metalink Doc ID: 563219.1